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Moonlit Trance

Everythingís in a trance of Moonlight
ó Theodore Deppe

The Mís of couples walk the glowing streets,
and in the square, the fountainís a bouquet 
of broken mirrors. I sway slightly, glass pressed 
to lips, hearing in my head the tune of a song 
whose name I canít remember. Rustle of wheat 
and silk skirt. Shadow of an oak. Faint 
stirring of a child in its sleep. I might
begin to float or sing out loud, or my spirit 
leave my body and shimmer toward elsewhere.

This is a moon that changes things. The cypress 
are alive with it, their branches tremble 
in a thrill of dark greenery. Even worms 
must feel a stirring where they tunnel, a tremor 
like the shiver after the bellís gong strikes.

--Beth Gylys

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Currently an Associate Professor at Georgia State University, Beth Gylys has published two award-winning collections of poetry: Spot in the Dark (Ohio State UP 2004) and Bodies that Hum (1999 Silverfish Review Press), and her work has appeared in many journals and magazines.