R.S. Mitchell
A Soul in Four Seasons

Sarah Gajkowski-Hill
The Job Poems

Beth Gylys

Beth Gylys
What the Evil Dream

Beth Gylys
Moonlit Trance

Beth Gylys
Her Faith

Jeffrey Dennis Pearce
Flight into Egypt

Amanda Glass
A Birth

Robert Meade
House of Gold

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Hidden Life

Mark Amorose

Mark Amorose

John Gosslee
Purple Wren

John Gosslee
Scattered Seeds

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In the fields of Fatima we saw the sun,
an incandescent madman, slip his ties

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--Mark Amorose

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Mark Amorose teaches poetry and humane letters at Tempe Preparatory Academy, in Tempe, Arizona, and resides with his wife, Maria, and their seven children in the neighboring city of Mesa. His poems have most recently appeared in Measure, The Lyric, and Dappled Things.