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What Thomas Saw
J.B. Toner

Selected by Katherine Aparicio, Associate Editor

for J.R.R. Tolkien

Dark seas by night, a howling, weeping sky,
  A morning’s mists upon the far dim strand;
  Then faces, smiling faces, welcome hands,
Great saints and heroes of the world gone by,
  Old friends, lost loves, all people dear and fair,
  Then Mary—Mary, mother of us all—
  Then nail-marked hands and lips once stained with gall,
Now smiling, smiling, up the crystal stair,
  The Dove, the Dove, alight with joy and flame—
  Then Him, Whose tears will wash away all wrong,
  Whose word cries out to each of us by name,
  Whose laughter makes us pure and wise and strong
  To enter halls where sorrow never came,
  And life itself—and life itself—is song.

J.B. Toner is a graduate of the school of hard knocks. He blogs at www.korrektiv.org.


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